August 10, 2016

MostFit Trainer Tip - Goal #1: Show Up

This weeks Trainer Tip is brought to you by MostFit founder Andrew Gavigan

MostFit founder Andrew Gavigan

Developing and Maintaining Fitness Goals is Important

Goals can consist of a certain amount of fat loss or muscle gain; they can be based on appearance, performance, or levels of health; or they can be based on whatever motivates you to be active and productive. Fitness goals should be set in the long term and in the short term in order to achieve success.

Its important to remember that goals don't always have to be based on your body, or an end result. Often when helping my clients set goals and start their fitness journey I will remind them that simply showing up can be a legitimate and important goal. If you set your sights too far into the future it might be easy to forget that building an exercise habit is the real challenge.

So when starting your fitness journey for the first or one hundredth time try this:

  • Set your long distance goal - Lose 10 lbs of fat
  • Set a middle distance goal - Test body fat once a month and adjust routine
  • And the most Important goal - Show up atleast 3 times a week

Your main goal will be to show up to your workout, walk, or gym. No other parameters. all you have to do is get there and you have already accomplished your goal, every time. This will develop a habit of success, lead you to your other goals, and eventually it will become a habit. Find something you like to do and stick with it.