August 15, 2016

MostFit Trainer Tip - Tricks to Bypass the Monday Fitness Blues

This weeks MostFit Trainer Tip Comes From Helya Glen, Owner and Personal Trainer at The Studio in Ventura, CA. And check out her Podcast at Fit 'N Busy

Helya Glen owner and personal trainer at the studio in ventura CA

5 Fit tips to kick off Monday right

As a gym owner and trainer it may seem like a surprise that I used to hate Mondays. I realized the older I got the harder it was to just wake up and tackle the week because Sundays were just way more fun. I quickly realized I needed a routine, something to help me wake up and go. Most of the time, a good Monday means a good week. So here are my top five fit tips:

1. Set your Monday alarm early

I find productivity comes in waves. Some weekends are wonderful, I go on hikes and eat all the greens. Other weekends I may go to a beer festival or a birthday party and have some cake (trainers are humans too), but I always find that when I start my Monday off early, I turn it around. I'm productive, I feel instantly more prepared and although I hate waking up early especially on Mondays, I find it is always worth it. So set your alarm early, like 6 am early, and tackle the week head on.

2. Have your lunch prepped.

Either physically prepared or know where you'll go and what you will eat. Stay away from carbs because most likely you've had those beers and cakes over the weekend. So stick to greens and protein. Load up your lunch bag and/or pull up the menu of your work lunch meeting and figure out what you're eating. Yes you can always ask to modify the food (don't be afraid to ask questions). This will automatically make you feel more capable of controlling your week.

3. Water, water, water!

Along with your packed lunch, grab a gigantic water bottle and fill it up. You'll have this guy with you all day, drink it all. He's your new best friend and you might as well give him a name.

4. Plan a workout with a friend that you KNOW won't bail on you.

Pick your fittest friend, the one who works out all the time, the one that will most likely guilt trip you if you bail, tell him you're meeting him and don't back out. Even if it's a walk, don't back out. Yes, I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but Mondays are rough, you need an extra push.

5. Most importantly, turn that frown upside down.

Everyone hates on Monday, but in reality, Monday's never hurt anyone. They don't come out of nowhere, they are totally not the worst no matter what your coworker says. I believe that you can prepare, make good choices for your body, and make it the best day. I believe It's your choice.

Ultimately, being healthy and fit comes from making good choices for your body consistently. The key word there is "consistently". There are some great phrases out there like "never skip a Monday workout" and it's because it sets the tone for the rest of your week. So wake up early, grab your lunch and your new water friend and take on the week like its a new beginning. Good luck!