August 23, 2016

Partner Gym Spotlight - RENOV8 Fitness in Los Angeles, CA

RENOV8 Fitness is a small group and personal training gym in North Hollywood CA founded by veteran Personal Trainer, running coach, and educator Heather Binns

Renov8 fitness personal and group training in North Hollywood CA

We're serious about level of personal experience one receives at our center.

At RENOV8 Fitness their "core purpose is to create the world's most effective fitness system in a motivating environment that actually achieves great results for our clients..."

Personal Trainer Heather Binns Founded RENOV8 in 2008 and prides herself on the ability to help anybody, at any level of fitness, to put in the work to become fit for the rest of their life. RENOV8 Fitness uses a unique blend of ongoing education and optimized, results driven training programs to help energize their clients and to achieve their fitness goals. 

RENOV8 offers personal training, group training and regular assessments to it's members but their best qualities are personal attention from the coaches, and motivation from other like-minded members.

because of their values and practice RENOV8 Fitness is the perfect place for MostFit equipment

"I love using the MostFit Core Hammer in our small group training sessions at Renov8 Fitness because it's one piece of equipment that takes the place of multiple pieces of equipment.  It also challenges both advanced and beginner athletes!"

Heather and her crew use the MostFit Core Hammer in their facility because it's easy to store and saves the space of having to have a big tire, and it fits easily into group circuits.

Check out the Core Hammer for your training facility.