April 13, 2018

Rose Wetzel - Core Hammer Lunge, Grip Strength, and Hip Warmup

 Spartan Pro Athlete and Ninja Warrior Rose Wetzel With The Core Hammer

The Core Hammer is not only a great way to impress your athletes and clients but its an effective strength training and cardio tool.

rose wetzel

Ninja Warrior and Spartan Elite Athlete Rose Wetzel

...shows us one of her favorite exercises and warm ups with the Core Hammer.

1) Simple hip flexor warm up and stretch. Place the Hammer, head down, on the floor. hold grip with left hand and step back into a deep lunge with the left foot. Make sure to keep your back upright and left flute engaged in order to stretch your posts and other hip flexor muscles.

2) After you're all warmed up hold the Core Hammer in the Flag Pole position. Alternate reverse or forward lunges while stabilizing the Hammer.

Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. You as the user are responsible independently for use of any fitness programs or equipment and assume the risks of any resulting injury.