March 30, 2017

Stability Back Squat - MostFit SYN Rings


MostFit SYN Rings add a new type of intensity and instability element to weight training and functional training workouts.  SYN Rings allow the user to suspend weight plates from an Olympic weightlifting bar creating instability and forcing the user to engage more core and stability muscles to increase overall strength. SYN Rings allow the weight plates to move in all directions, including forward, back, side-to-side, up-and-down and in circular motions. Portable and easy to store, SYN Rings can go with you anywhere, fit in a drawer, or a small spot on the functional training zone floor. 

stability back squat with SYN rings rubber bands

The back squat is already a staple of any thorough workout routine. Adding the SYN Rings can simply be added to help build certain foundations or highlight an imbalances in leg strength, hip range, or pace. Or the SYN Rings can be used to help development more stability and core strength during a squat.


Note: Consult a physician before performing this or any other exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition and to independently determine whether to use this device. By purchasing this device you assume the risk of any resulting injury. Thoroughly inspect your MostFit® SYN Ring before every use.