August 29, 2017

Test Your Core Strength and Joint Stability with SYN Ring Overhead Walks

 Over head Farmer's Carry with SYN Rings - Coach Justin Lind

 overhead farmers walk with MostFit SYn Rings

Your core’s primary purpose is two-fold: power generation and stability. Most of us are well-versed in power movements and train them frequently. Jumping, sprinting, kettlebell swings, and the Core Hammer all find their way into our regular programs. 

You probably train core stability all the time too but with exercises like the plank or the hollow body hold. While effective, these movements don’t offer much excitement to your workout. SYN Ring walks bring a fun challenge into training core stability. 

 Moving with a heavy and uneven load will also spotlight any joint instability you have while simultaneously strengthening them. As you walk with a SYN Ring loaded barbell, not only will your deep core need to fully engage, but you will need to stabilize at every joint between the ground and the bar.


I know no greater stability challenge than walking with a heavily-maiden SYN Rings barbell, especially with it overhead. 



Before attempting SYN Ring overhead walks use a few progressions to acclimate to the unstable load.

Begin with lighter weight. If you are just starting out, try a smaller barbell with only 5-10lb plates on the SYN Rings. Highly-trained athletes can begin with a standard 20kg barbell and 10-15lb plates. 

Before going overhead try walking with the barbell in both a back rack and front rack position. Un-rack the bar carefully and be sure you can stand strong in place. Next, try marching in place from foot to foot. You can even try longer holds on one foot once you get the feel for the weight and instability. Once you’ve adjusted, try walking. If forward steps feel good, try walking backwards and side-to-side.

Now that you’re moving well with the bar on your shoulders, let’s go overhead! Begin with a weight that you can press (push press and jerks can get a little hairy with the SYN Rings at first). Peddling the feet and small steps help you adjust, but soon you’ll be walking smooth!

 For very advanced athletes or those wanting a serious challenge, try overhead walking lunges!


Check out the video for these progressions and to see SYN Ring overhead walks in action.

Note: Consult a physician before performing this or any other exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition and to independently determine whether to use this device. By purchasing this device you assume the risk of any resulting injury. Thoroughly inspect your MostFit® SYN Ring before every use.