April 03, 2017

The Best Tool For Fitness Success: A Workout Partner! - by Helya Glen

Get a workout buddy!

- by Helya Glen, Master Trainer and Owner of The Studio in Ventura CA

Trainer with a workout partner is good for your health

Why Do You Want to Workout?

Let’s start with why you would consider working out in the first place. Most likely you’re feeling out of shape, lethargic, eating everything in sight and feel… for lack of better words, unproductive and a little heavy! Or maybe you just need someone to tell you to get your butt up in the morning! Most of the time, we start working out because we really want to get in shape and live a better, healthier life, but life is hard! And stress makes working out harder and you’re an adult, you can eat cheesy fries everyday if you want to. Right? 


Maybe, or maybe you can talk to someone when you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall. Someone who has all the same “life sucks feels”, but can get you to snap out of it, or tell you that this too will pass if you just push through a little more. This person (and likely these people) is your workout buddy (your workout community). They are the reason you join a gym or go back to a gym. They create competition, friendly or constructive, they push you past your limits and ask you to really commit. 

They are with you when you are at your most vulnerable state, drenched and heaving at the end of a workout or when you’re super dressed up at a dinner. They can be happy for you, encourage you, and still correct your form. They can give you immediate satisfaction when your scale refuses to do so with a high five and they truly, truly care. They are your network, your friends, and your family in a lot of ways. They end up being there for you in the most important times of your life and it all started out with just a sweaty workout that kicked both of your butts. The best part is that is what you are to them, too. 

So if you don’t have one yet, go get a “gym” community or just ask your friend to go on a hike instead of get drinks one day. Go reach out to people that you want to actually get to know. Working out, in any and all atmospheres brings out the people we strive to be. We feel strong, productive and healthy and we treat people better. Why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with that every single day?

We are in a world where you can literally connect about everything and anything, why not make it something that helps you live longer too?