July 05, 2016

Trainer Tip Of The Week - Foods to Eat For Exercise

This weeks Trainer Tip comes from MostFit Master Trainer Maurice Williams of MoveWell Fitness in Bethesda MD

Foods to Eat For Exercise


What are the best foods to eat for exercise? I hear this question a lot as a personal trainer. What we eat is important for our body. If you fuel it with good food, your body will thrive. However, if you fuel your body with poor foods, your body will break down.

What foods you eat for exercise will determine how effective your workout is and the results you gain. Let us talk about them!

Foods to Eat For Exercise Before Your Workout

The food you eat for exercise before your workout should focus on making sure your body has enough energy to do the workout. Foods to eat for exercise will be those that release the energy needed during your work out, and won’t spike your insulin levels. Sample foods are: eggs, bananas, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, fruit smoothies and other fruits like apples and berries.

Foods to Eat for Exercise After Your Workout

The food you eat for exercise after your workout should focus on foods that will help you recover. Also, the foods you eat for exercise should be those that will help increase your muscle mass and lose weight. Foods to eat for exercise after your workout include things like: grilled chicken, veggies like: spinach, broccoli, green beans and asparagus, eggs, avocado, fish, quinoa and sweet potatoes.


What you eat before and after exercise is important. What we eat will continue to be important to determine how we look in the mirror, our energy levels, and overall health. Our bodies need energy before the workout and they need fuel to recover after the workout.

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