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Colleen Flaherty
"...one can not evolve mentally or emotionally without going through darkness."
Owner of Baby Bump Academy
Co-Creator of The Pregnancy Functional Strength Guides and CEU Course
Facebook: babybumpacademy Instagram @prokreatepower http://babybumpacademy.com

Colleen Flaherty's passion is allowing women to feel the strength of their bodies and minds with strength training as one direct avenue to getting in touch with one's self. As a woman who's been exercising since she was a teenager, Colleen knows the confidence, stress-relief, and power one feels from proper, appropriate movement. "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." by Khalil Gibran is her favorite quote.

After ACL reconstruction in both knees, not only does Colleen have physical scars to prove she's been through battle, she also knows one can not evolve mentally or emotionally without going through darkness. As women prepare themselves for pregnancy and becoming a mother, not only do they have to prepare their bodies, but also their minds. This might mean suffering to let go of the old so they can emerge more aware, ready to embrace motherhood from a relaxed, open, positive place.

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Are you the MostFit you Can Be? Can you help others be their best too? MostFit is interested in sponsoring exceptional athletes. Exceptional in their sport, but more importantly, exceptional in their communities. MostFit is committed to promoting healthy self-image, developing balanced habits and creating a culture of self-care and self-love. If you represent those concepts and morals then we want to be your partners.

Do I have to be a professional athlete to be sponsored by MostFit?

No. We want the opportunity to be your partner whether your a pro or an amateur athlete. As long as you are passionate about what you do and are the MostFit you Can Be, then we want to hear from you.

What does a sponsorship involve?

Each relationship will vary dependent upon you and your sport, geographic area, time commitment and other various factors. Generally, however, MostFit will provide free swag, gear,and support in return for marketing and social media opportunities.

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