Core Hammer Education


The MostFit Core Hammer Workout workshop, teaches fitness professionals the proper, tried technique, for helping athletes and fitness & wellness clients achieve optimal health in a safe, fun, and motivating manner.

Core Hammer training provides unique unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, rotational strength challenges, functional and stability training opportunities, and other training protocols provided by a distally loaded lever. This certification will also introduce and examine ways to implement these training techniques in a personal training, group training, or group exercise environment.

The training covers the biomechanics and science behind the product and programming, and takes trainers and instructors though a full series of Core Hammer training modalities, including push-strength, pull-strength, core, HIIT and more.  Participants walk away with close to 50 unique exercises that can be modified and arranged to create literally hundreds of exercise options and sequences that can be used with their clients.

CEU acceptance:

  • NASM .4
  • ACE .4
  • NSCA .4

NASM Continuing Education Provider ACE Continuing Education Provider


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Open Courses


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NA                                                          NA 9:00am - 1:00pm
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$99  NA