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Helya Glen
Personal trainer
Gym Owner - The Studio
Head Master Trainer at Mostfit
Helya Glen

Helya Glen is is a NASM Certified personal Trainer, with multiple specialized certifications including Yoga and RKC and studied business at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo CA. As an athlete Helya Played tennis for 10 years, completed in 7 triathlons and one 1/2 marathon. She opened her own gym, The Studio, in Ventura Ca , in 2014 and continues to share her expertise there on healthy living and functional training. Helya plays lead in helping MostFit develop programming and new equipment.

Philosophy on health:
I believe in living the best life possible. I think in order to do that you have to place emphasis on both the mental and physical aspect of being. I work continuously on having a strong practice as well as building strength and agility. Being "healthy" has nothing to do with being built or skinny, but everything to do with living better.

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Are you the MostFit you Can Be? Can you help others be their best too? MostFit is interested in sponsoring exceptional athletes. Exceptional in their sport, but more importantly, exceptional in their communities. MostFit is committed to promoting healthy self-image, developing balanced habits and creating a culture of self-care and self-love. If you represent those concepts and morals then we want to be your partners.

Do I have to be a professional athlete to be sponsored by MostFit?

No. We want the opportunity to be your partner whether your a pro or an amateur athlete. As long as you are passionate about what you do and are the MostFit you Can Be, then we want to hear from you.

What does a sponsorship involve?

Each relationship will vary dependent upon you and your sport, geographic area, time commitment and other various factors. Generally, however, MostFit will provide free swag, gear,and support in return for marketing and social media opportunities.

For more information on Team MostFit, contact us at andrew@most-fit.com.