Anchor Gym

Anchor Gym

The  Anchor Gym is the perfect anchor for any home gym. It's affordable, easy to use, delivers hundreds of great suspension & resistance training exercises. Allowing you to workout out while taking up zero floor space.

It is a wall-mounted exercise system designed to safely anchor resistance bands, resistance tubes, suspension straps, stretch straps and more. Although a single unit contains only two hooks, it delivers numerous exercise options using resistance bands and suspension straps. Combining multiple units and the Anchor Gym Pull Up Bar will allow for hundreds of exercise options.

Made of all steel components, the Anchor Gym is a space-saving powerhouse capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of resistance per unit.

The Anchor Gym is very easy to install. Mounting hardware included.

The Anchor Gym is available in a number of configurations:

  1. Single H2 unit
  2. CORE: 3 H2 units
  3. PLUS: 4 H2 units
  4. PRO: 6 H2 units
  5. Pull Up Bar
  6. 4 Foot Wall Station
  7. 8 Foot Wall Station
  8. Pull Up Bar 48" Extension

Anchor Gym Lifetime Guarantee

The Anchor Gym comes with a Lifetime Guarantee from Core Energy Fitness. For more information, visit

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