MostFit® Core Hammer

MostFit® Core Hammer 

  • Sledgehammer workouts without a tire.
  • Ideal for cardio, strength, core, mobility, rotational and impact exercises.
  • Portable, versatile, and fun!
  • Made of solid urethane that can withstand extreme force.
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Sledgehammer Workouts Without A Tire

The Benefits of Sledgehammer Workouts

With the MostFit Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire for this type of  workout. It’s portable and extremely versatile. Swing it like a sledgehammer against the ground, wall, driveway, cement floor or, use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility and stability. The long lever and distally loaded end provide endless options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises and rotational, mobility and stability work. Ideal for small group training, one on one training, athletic conditioning, bootcamps and more. Available in 8 lbs and 12 lbs.



  • Durable plastic covered fiberglass handle.
  • 8 or 12 lbs. head made of solid urethane.
  • Can withstand extreme force.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.



Note: Consult a physician before performing this or any other exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition and to independently determine whether to use this device. By purchasing this device you assume the risk of any resulting injury. Thoroughly inspect your MostFit Core Hammer before, during, and after every use for damage to the handle, head, and for a secure connection. Discontinue use if there is any damage. Although the Core Hammer is meant to be used as an exercise apparatus, and can be used without an impact tire, it is still a hammer and can cause damage to whatever surface it impacts. Solid cement, industrial carpet, and industrial rubber flooring are preferred impact surfaces. Use common sense when using the Core Hammer. Make sure you are clear of any other people or obstructions when swinging the Core Hammer. The Core Hammer has an elastic property, be aware of rebound after impact. Consult guidance from a trained professional and view instructional videos at

The Core Hammer is created through a very complicated industrial mixing and heat molding process, very minor blemishes can be expected like small air bubbles or light "swirls" on the surface of the urethane head.



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