April 11, 2014

Fun & Healthy Fitness Activities For The Whole Family

The weather is turning, flowers are blooming, and...your kids are  

about to have a break from school. Must be Spring. Time to get outside  

and reacquaint yourself with some healthy outdoor activities. Take the  

opportunity to get fit and spend time with your family simultaneously.  

Check out the suggestions below for wellness activities for the whole  

family. After all, actions DO speak louder than words

Family Fitness

Fun & Healthy Fitness Activities For Family


Hiking doesn't always require mountains and wild animals. Even walking  

the Brooklyn Bridge has it's great views and health benefits. Check  

out http://www.everytrail.com for  

great area hikes. 


Go Fly a Kite

Fun? Yes. Exercise? According to the Scripps Research Institute, yes.  

Flying a kite requires scapular stability, core strength, and balance.  

And, depending on how much the wind is helping you, it can be a great  

cardio workout too. Just getting outdoors with the family can put a  

smile on your face, which has also proven to produce positive health  



Focus on the Fitness

Making beds and mopping the floor is usually not that fun unless you're

doing it to get stronger and feel better. Use household chores as an excuse

to spend time together and workout. If you create a more meaningful purpose,  

like family time and health, then any normal task can take on a whole  

new meaning. Check out some more great family activities from Michelle  

Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.  



The good news is that just spending time with family and friends  

stimulates healthy hormones, releases stress, and lowers blood pressure among  

numerous other health benefits. Take advantage of the warmer  

temperatures and longer days by getting out and having fun with those  

who mean the most to you.


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