November 17, 2014

MostFit™ Helped Me Through My Back Injury: Fitness Testimonial

MostFit for life!

MostFit Athlete Emily Reynolds has her personal training clients use MostFit equipment; here is a great testimonial from one of them:

MostFit™ Portable Fitness Equipment Testimonial

 Just when I made the decision that I wanted to get in the best shape of my
life, I suffered a lumbar disc herniation. I was devastated knowing that I
would be out of the gym for possibly months. I let my trainer know that I
wanted to be as active as I could without causing any additional injuries,
but thought that anything we tried to strengthen my core, upper body and
legs would probably be detrimental to my back. Little did I know that the
answer was Mostfit! Just two weeks after my injury, we literally slung the
straps over a tree branch and worked absolutely every part of my body. I
was able to get amazing (and sweaty) workouts with the suspension strap
and bands, build my core through proper positioning, and best of all, still
workout my legs without compromising my back. I never could have worked
through my injury using weights or machines at the gym, and Mostfit was
thankfully the only answer for keeping me active when I otherwise would not
have had a solution. In addition, I see more definition and weight loss
than I ever had while only using gym equipment! Added perk- all of the
straps and bands are light and compact. Very easy to use at home, or even
while walking the dogs-  stop by a tree and get that extra workout in! I
couldn't be happier with Mostfit- where there's a will there's and way and
these guys have definitely found the solution! Injury or not, I will always
make Mostfit an integral part of my fitness routine. Thank you, Mostfit!

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