December 16, 2015

Life is Movement: An Interview with Austin's Fittest Man, Scott York


MostFit has been following Austin's Fittest Man, Scott York, for some time. We've been honored to have Scott share his love for the MostFit Core Hammer in various videos and blogs. Here is an interview with Scott and AV Jord that we are sure you will enjoy. 

"I recently had the privilege of interviewing Scott York,  known as “Austin’s Fittest Man over Fifty”. He’s done everything from competing in bodybuilding competitions to coaching amazing people, like Joe Vitale. And through it all, he’s picked up the do’s and dont’s of fitness, life, and being an overall awesome person. Seriously, this guy’s a gifted athlete, personal trainer, and motivator, and I think there are some awesome nuggets in this interview. Enjoy!" ~AV Jord

Being a former competitive bodybuilder, you definitely know fitness. For the readers that don’t know, what was the starting point of your fitness career?

I suffered a panic attack in a college classroom at age 21. That raised my awareness that something wasn’t right.  I did some research and determined that stress, a bad diet, lack of sleep and exercise were probable causes.  It was a scary experience and I didn’t want to repeat it. I picked up a “Muscle and Fitness” magazine on my next trip to the grocery store and read it from cover to cover. The next day I joined Golds Gym in 1985, fell in love with the process and competed in bodybuilding for several years up until 2001.  I never suffered another panic attack.

What does an average day of training look life for you?


I workout 5-6 days a week.  These days my training focuses on preventative maintenance, strength training and competing in athletic events.  I want to keep my strength up for as long as possible and focus on Bench Press, Deadlifts and Barbell Squats.  I use bodybuilding, sprints, jumps, run 1 mile, kettlebells, medicine balls, sledgehammers and the Nexersys MMA machine to round out my training.

I do A LOT of stretching and use a rumble roller at least twice a day. I do A LOT of mental training.  I set goals and use past achievements to flesh out the ideal training regimen.  I tap into the energy surrounding past achievements to harness and direct my willpower.

I believe willpower is a resource, like energy – an unlimited one.  But you have to recognize it, harness it, and direct it in the direction that you want to go.  It’s too easy to float along in life with no goals or direction. 

You know firsthand that when you have a healthy body, life completely comes alive. How important do you think fitness is as part of a successful life?

Eugen Sandow wrote a book called “Life Is Movement”. Sandow stresses movement and the freedom that comes with being able to use your body in multiple ways.  I agree. For me, life is about staying healthy and strong – physically and mentally.

I have 4 young boys so I want to set a good example and I want to be able to keep up with them in all of their daily activities.  My 10 year old challenged me today to run a mile with him. I hate to think how I would feel if I wasn’t able to join him.   

Do you think that there are any lessons that you can only learn through pushing your mind and body?

I’ve come to realize that, for me, true fulfillment cannot come from any of the 5 senses. I’ve certainly tested taste by eating lots of junk.  In fact, I worked my up to 250 lbs because my eating got out of hand years ago.  A standard lunch was 2 double quarter pounders with cheese, 2 supersized fries and 2 strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds. I felt horrible at that weight. My normal weight these days is around 175-180 lbs and I’m almost as strong as when I weighed 250 lbs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my once a week cheat days but I don’t live to eat.  I’ve found that fulfillment and true meaning is in relationships and in experiences.  The experiences are usually hiding in those places outside of my comfort zone.

A favorite quote is:

Many people are passionate, but because of their limiting beliefs about who they are and what they can do, they never take the actions that could make their dream a reality” – Anthony Robins

We’ve all have days where we just don’t feel like getting out there and moving around. How do you motivate yourself when you have one of these days?

I mentioned that I have 4 young kids – the youngest is 3 years old. I work from home.  At this point in my life, motivation is not a problem when it comes to having the opportunity to get out
there and enjoy some “me” time and time with my wife.  This is one of the ways that I recharge and re-energize.  With regards to my training, I make sure to take a full week off several times through out the year to avoid burn out and to help avoid injury.

Do you think that there is any type of training that’s inherently better than others? Like, say, weight lifting is better than sprinting is better than running, or do you think the most important part is just being active?

Good question.  For me, variety is the key.  Bodybuilding is the backbone of my training and all of the other activities help add variety and fill any gaps.  The best kind of training is probably the type that you will stick with consistently.


Scott York in the Mr. Texas bodybuilding competition, 1990's

One last question. If someone is reading this who wants to get fit and start being active, but is a little intimidated, what steps would you have them take to get started?

First, always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. 

Second, community and support are key. Gyms are filled with like minded people who will support you and your efforts. 

Third, find activities that you enjoy. 

Fourth, spend some time setting goals – both short and long term. 

Fifth, so much of it is mental.  Learn to harness your mental power (will power) and direct it towards the things that truly matter to you and your happiness.


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